Fireworks in a Telephone Box?


It might surprise you to know that people do really, really stupid things in Japan as well. Last week there were actually some female Japanese University students from Kobe bragging about their male friends setting off fireworks in a Public Telephone Box on Twitter. Their respective schools have since been contacted, by what I’m sure are some very respectable Japanese citizens of the internet, and yesterday they made a formal apology which reached newspapers.

I don’t know why but there’s a lot of young Japanese people bragging about stupid shit on Twitter lately. Not long ago a wrote and article about someone who was bragging about a bike that they had stolen on Twitter, and this was only really one event I had found interesting in a mountain of what the Japanese blogging-sphere now refers to as バカッター(or in English, “Twidiots”). The most notorious Twidiots lately are the ones that post up images of them doing things they shouldn’t be doing at their workplace, and usually it results in them getting fired from wherever they are working. I don’t post about these incidents because it’s the same formula, which to me is repetitive and boring. Yes you idiot, it’s obvious you can’t breathe with Pizza plastered on your face, we know that without you tweeting it to tell us all.

But this time around I was actually quite surprised about the level of stupidity displayed by these Twidiots in particular. FIREWORKS in a PUBLIC PHONE BOX? You can’t get fireworks in my country unless you have a license to buy them. And it’s not an easy license to get. Now I know why. Because the minority of people ruin it for everybody. It’s not really even the fact that they caused considerable damage to public property it’s more just the issue of safety that I’m so shocked about. Yes, one of the guys was actually inside the box when he left off the fireworks as evidenced by the photo below which was uploaded on to Twitter by one of the girls who apologised yesterday.

Fireworks in Telephone box

I’m glad that they didn’t get away with it completely. But it seems like they will get off with nothing more than a slap on the wrist, which seems to be how everything works in Japan. You do something wrong, you get caught, you admit you did it and then you apologise. If you follow this order you cannot go wrong and you will barely ever get punished for whatever you did wrong. There’s also word that people are trying to get into contact with the male perpetrators’ university but this could be difficult because at least they weren’t stupid about enough to blabber about the incident all over twitter.

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