Fuck KeyHoleTV.

So today I decided I wanted to put some Japanese TV on while I was studying – AJATT YEAH! Yeah anyway I directed my browser to 117Yes and there server was undergoing maintenance or something and I couldn’t use it. I was pretty hungry for some Japanese TV so I caved and re-downloaded KeyHoleTV and gave it a spin. I think my opinion of it got worse than it already was. It’s awful. Goddamn I can’t even put into words how bad this thing is. Not only is the quality absolute shit, the stream is patchy as fuck and the sound goes on and off every 2 seconds. It’s like when your earphones break and they hardly work but you get half the sound because there’s some issue with the wiring(yes this happened to me last week). I can guess from the fact you are reading this post now you searched something along the lines of “Fuck KeyHoleTV” into YouTube and this came up. If so, I feel your pain – so much. If not and you want general information on KeyHoleTV here you go: DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS SOFTWARE. IT IS SHIT. YOU WILL REGRET IT. And for both groups of you please consult my post concerning 117Yes and their Japanese TV System. Their servers are down at the moment but with almost no doubt they will be back up. I was watching it before using a direct link to one of the channels so if the homepage isn’t fixed I’ll make a post about how to watch using the main links.

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