Fuji TV Drama ‘First Class’.

Found another interesting drama coming out next season called First Class. It’s going to be airing on Fuji TV from the 19th of April on Saturday nights from 11pm. The script is written by Chie Watanabe who also did the script for Namae wo Nakushita Megami. It’ll be starring Erika Sawajiri, Yuichi Nakamaru, Nozomi Sasaki, Rieko Miura and Nanao among others. The theme of the drama is pretty original, at least in my opinion – it’s going to be about working in the fashion world and it’ll mostly focus on women. Hit the link below and keep reading to find out a little more about it.

Erika Sawajiri has been given the lead in First Class and her characters name is Chinami Yoshinari, who works at a sewing store and spends her days selling buttons and thread while dreaming of working in the fashion world. One day her life is changed drastically when she is given the opportunity to work in the editing department of a popular fashion magazine which is something that Chinami thought would never happen in her life. By entering the fashion world she discovers just how difficult and competitive it is behind the scenes and how jobs at her new work place range from running odd errands(being at the bottom) to writing articles and spearheading new marketing projects(‘First Class’).

At first glance the story doesn’t sound incredibly exciting, I know. But reading about it reminded me of a movie called Paradise Kiss which was also about people that worked(or more accurately wanted to work) in the fashion world. I really loved that movie and I like the idea of a drama based on the fashion world and the behind the scenes battles of it. The casting also looks really good and a couple of other articles I read said it’s the the first time Sawajiri has done a drama for a few years so I’m pretty keen to see what she can bring to the table for it other than a pretty face.

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