A fun fact about Kotaro Koizumi.

I’ve seen Kotaro Koizumi in dramas quite a bit lately, and most people who are watching Platonic probably would have noticed him in that this season. One thing I didn’t know about him is that he is actually the former-prime minister(Junichiro Koizumi) of Japan’s son. It just didn’t click to me at first, I mean Koizumis really are a dime-a-dozen in Japan second only to names like Tanaka or Nakamura. Anyway, there was a press conference for the new drama “Petero no Souretsu” this week and Koizumi made an interesting comment about his father. He that said during his teens and early twenties his father’s existence was only really a hindrance to him.

He even said that he used to not want to tell people what his surname was in the fear that they’d figure out who’s child he was. Koizumi also added that sometimes he’d go to goukons(Japanese group dating) and people would ask him if he was from THAT Koizumi family when he introduced himself. He confessed that he’d always lie to them and say that he wasn’t part of the (then) prime minister’s family. I can only really imagine what it’d be like to be too famous. It’s hard to imagine what it’d be like to be a young actor but almost live in the shadow of one of your parents who is more famous(and as a politician at that, not just a fellow actor). I suppose his father isn’t in office any more so things have gotten a little better for him at least.

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4 thoughts on “A fun fact about Kotaro Koizumi.

  1. I did see him at least once in a somewhat older drama, Haken no Hinkaku, with Shinohara Ryoko, who had the main role, and he was ok. I did see mention somewhere at the time whose son he was. By the way, that was an amusing drama, and Shinohara Ryoko was excellent, as usual. So watch it if you can find it.

    • I’ll check it out! I saw him on a variety TV show I was watching last night too. Do you know anything else that he’s in?

  2. I remember 12-13 years ago my nihongo sensei talked a lot about him, she said “you know, this guy is very handsome, moreover his father is the prime minister! (back then)”

    • Yeah it didn’t occur to me at all. Koizumi seemed to be really left-wing whereas the now prime minister is portrayed very strongly as right-wing by the media.

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