Gesu no Kiwami Otome song chosen for Around 30 Chan.

A theme song has been chosen for the new TV Toyko drama ‘Around 30 Chan’, which will be starting its run from July 25 onwards(late night Friday timeslot). The song chosen is the band’s first real single, called “Ryokiteki na Kiss o Watashi ni Shite”. Gesu no Kiwami Otome has really only just made their major debut, in April this year in fact. When the producer of Around 30 Chan was asked why she chose the band for the theme song she responded saying that the band’s name fit in perfectly with the drama and so did some other aspects about it. Around 30 Chan is based on a comic by the same name and is about the daily life of a woman who is around 30 and the love and sex trouble that she runs into.

Considering that the band has just made their debut, it sounds like they were pretty lucky to have their first single picked up as a drama theme. It also should be mentioned that Dan Mitsu is going to be playing the lead role in this new drama, which I am personally pretty happy about. She’s been in Hanzawa Naoki and Coffee-ya no Hitobito in the last two seasons of drama, in both her acting wasn’t horrible and her looks were as good as always. It’ll be good to see how she handles a lead role in this one.

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