Giga Tokyo Toybox(Drama) Episode 1.


On Saturday night the first episode of the second season of Tokyo Toybox(Giga Tokyo Toybox or 大東京トイボックス) broadcasted on TV Tokyo. I have to say that I thought Tokyo Toybox was pretty average when it first started its run. I thought that the characters and plot were kind of bland and that 20 minutes wasn’t long enough for an episode after watching so many 40-minute-episode dramas. But after the first couple of episodes things started to get really interesting, especially Taiyo’s bitter past with Sensui and Solidas Works. By the time Tokyo Toybox ended the run of its first season I was itching for more, wanting to know what would happen next so you can imagine how happy I was when the second season was confirmed in the credits. But how does Giga Tokyo Toybox measure up in comparison to the first season?

Well let me tell you: in my opinion it’s very, very good. At the start of the Episode 1 you’re kind of given a short recap of the last season but not as much time is wasted establishing character profiles. You’ve also already got all the central plots in place and I think that’s why the first episode of the second season was able to kick off with such a bang. I think maybe this was why the first season had such a slow start. It was probably difficult to get so much content into 20-minute episodes, especially considering the the original work is a manga and there would probably be quite a few volumes to base the script/settings off.



A few things have changed too, as I already explained in my other post about this drama. Tsukiyama-chan is now head of the company and Taiyo is bumped back to director(so what he does doesn’t really change at all except he doesn’t get the last say anymore). Nanami-san now works for Solidas Works again but she doesn’t really seem to get on with Sensui that well so maybe there’ll be some kind of friction there in future episodes. There is also a new character, her name is Momo and she’s just fresh out of college(専門学校) looking for a job but she’s having major trouble. She gets rejected from a bunch of other companies and right when her hopes are getting down she gets an email confirming an interview at G3. The interview is a for a graphic artist(Nanami’s replacement), but after asking her to draw some stuff Taiyo soon finds out she’s hopeless at it.

After looking at a game plan she wrote herself Taiyo does admit that the one thing she has that’s right for the company is her attitude, but doesn’t hire her(because like I said, she’s hopeless). After that she rushes home and spends all night fixing her game plan then comes back and shows it to Taiyo. He’s about to reject her again when she suddenly screams out “I just want to make interesting games!” which leads him to re-think his decision. Due to this she gets hired but is put on a one-month probation period, so that if she doesn’t produce results she’ll be fired. Her character actually seems a lot like Taiyo’s in the sense that they both don’t really care about the money or the tangible aspects of game creation, just whether people enjoy it or not and if it’s interesting. They’re both insane.

Giga4So yeah I think that pretty much sums up what happened in the first episode of the new season. There wasn’t a lot of time spent on Solidas which is what I’m most interested in finding out about but all around it was a good way to start off the second season. Even though I hated the 20 minute thing at first it’s actually become the main charm point of this drama to me. I found myself really hungry for more after watching the first episode and I’m really looking forward to Episode 2 next week. Maybe if I’m lucky it’ll even give me something to write about again. If you’re reading this looking for a recommendation: watch it, it’s good. But if you haven’t seen the first season I really suggest that you start there.

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