Glass no Ie Episode 7 Subtitles(English).

Glass no Ie 7 Subtitles

Someone answered my prayers yesterday and started seeding the Glass no Ie episodes torrent so I was able to get the last episodes that I hadn’t watched yet and this morning I finished off the subtitles for Episode 7. I know it’s been a long wait for a lot of people and I’m sure that there are also a lot of people who have also forgotten about this drama completely but I intend to finish the subtitles for all the episodes. Continue reading for the download link.

I will not being finishing off Hakuba no Oujisama. It was a good drama but I only got to Episode 2 of it and I want to put my energy into something new. There was a pretty overwhelming response for Glass no Ie and I had done over half of it so I decided it would be best to finish it off. I don’t mind leaving things 10% done but I dislike leaving things 70% done.

I’d like to thank everyone who has supported my subbing up until now, there were some pretty unfortunate things written about me on some drama viewing sites but I’ve come to realise that it’s all just part of subbing and that I’m lucky to have people to encourage me despite everything else. You can download Episode 7’s subtitles below and like I said I will be posting the subtitles for the remaining episodes over the next month or so. Sorry for the wait and I hope that you enjoy them.


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29 thoughts on “Glass no Ie Episode 7 Subtitles(English).

  1. Many, many thanks! I am ever so grateful. I found this a very interesting drama.

    I think your subs are very good. I hope you find another interesting drama to sub when you are done with Glass no Ie.

  2. I haven’t forgotten about this series; thank you so much for continuing the subs! I’m so grateful you decided to stick with it!

  3. Thank you, thank you so much!!!! This is my favourite J-drama from 2013!!! I really appreciate all the time and work you put into subbing this drama. Thank you!

  4. I have tried downloading your English subs from your posted dramas using u torrent and it rejects the download of them saying it’s not proper bencode (don’t no what that is). Any idea what my problem may be?

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