God Eater 2, Story Introduction Video.

So God Eater 2 is up for release in Japan on 11/14/2013 and you can already download a demo of it on the Playstation Store but today yet another video was released for the game introducing its story. I’ve played the first God Eater and from the looks of the video the makers have put a lot more thought into the story this time around. Hopefully it has more things to keep you playing than the first release did. It was fun at first but got repetitive really, really fast. Watching the new video actually kind of reminds me of Valkyria Chronicles for some reason – which was a great release.

The software is a bit different than normal releases because there will be both a PS Vita and a PSP version(Yes! I can play it!). By just watching the video you can see the difference in the graphics.


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