Golden Time anime cast announced.

From October this year the anime for Golden Time will start broadcasting on MBS and Tokyo MX. The original work was a light novel, authored by Yuyuko Takemiya who is also the creator of the original Toradora! light novels which were also turned into an anime back in 2008. Golden Time started publishing from September 2010 and including spin-offs has seen 8 releases in total so far. This summer the original work is also planned to be turned into a drama CD. The story is set at a Japanese university and is described as a refreshing but hopeless love comedy. If you keep reading I’ve included the voice actors that will be appearing in the anime and their respective characters per the announcement made today.

加賀香子(Kaga Kouko): 堀江由衣(Horie Yui)
多田万里(Tada Banri): 古川慎(Furukawa Makoto)
林田奈々(Hayashida Nana): 茅野愛衣(Kayano Ai)
柳澤光央(Yanagisawa Mitsuo): 石川界人(Ishikawa Kaito)
岡千波(Oka Chinami): 木戸衣吹(Kido Ibuki)
二次元くん(Nijigenkun): 比上孝浩(Hikami Takahiro)
NANA先輩(Nana Senpai): 佐藤聡美(Satou Satomi)

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