How great is DailyMotion?

I watch alot of Japanese TV. I’m not even sure how I have the time to watch as much Japanese TV as I do, but somehow I find it. I’ve been watching Japanese TV even more lately because I’ve decided to go back to Japan next year on a Working Holiday, so I pretty much just leave it going constantly now(but that’s a post for another day). I know a lot of people, maybe even the majority, use torrents to collect all of their Japanese media but over the last 6 months I found something better: DailyMotion.

For some reason there are a few regular Japanese uploaders on the streaming site, and they barely ever seem to get caught or banned. They always upload really fast, like a TV show that aired in Japan only a few hours ago will be on there. Probably the best part is that the streaming is extremely fast and you can set the quality too. I think DailyMotion is essentially just like YouTube in terms of speed, but I don’t think they have enough admin or janitors to keep up with copyright claims(or maybe they just don’t care?). I got a Chromecast lately so I’ve been using that to stream everything onto the 42-inch TV in my room that I never used before. The DailyMotion app on Android is one of the few applications that works well with Chromecast. If you have one I really suggest you try it out.

One of my favourite uploaders on DailyMotion is this account. It might not be so useful if you rely on subtitles completely but he uploads very consistently and he(or she?) uploads both variety and drama shows so you get a pretty good mix of content. The quality of the uploads are great too. Does anyone else watch Japanese TV much on DailyMotion? Now I think about it the only time I really download a raw through torrents any more is to time-set subs. I usually just delete it straight after because my current setup only has 128GB of SSD memory.

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  1. The reason why most videos on Dailymotion are still up is because they’re almost impossible to copy (and therefore to be spread), unlike most of the other streaming sites. So agencies, artists, producers and distributors are less picky regarding copyright issues. That’s also why some of them have a Dailymotion account, but no Youtube account.
    But I dislike Dailymotion because they have so many commercials (every 5 minutes) interrupting the streaming, that it becomes annoying to watch anything longer than 10 minutes… That’s why I’ll go to Dailymotion only if I can’t find it anywhere else.
    I too prefer streaming to torrents, because I don’t want to keep most of the things I’m watching. I would even be ashamed if someone could find out what I’m watching, if it was stored on my hard drive. The reason is: I’m only watching some shows to improve my Japanese, and not because they are interesting or anything like that. Only when I find it unbearable to watch, I drop it.
    And if I really love what I’m watching, then I’ll buy the DVD.

    • Yeah I get what you mean. I think the Android app has an option to download, but I can’t see anything similar on the main site. Like I said I do a lot of my watching with the Android App/Chromecast usually when I’m at home or on buses etc. There’s no ads at all(makes me wonder how they’re running a profit?) so it’s very watchable. You’re right about the web version though, way too many ads. I’m also very similar with dramas, I only drop something if I can’t bear it at all. In the end I’m mostly watching to pick up new vocabulary more so than for entertainment just like you.

  2. I am only familiar with Daily Motion because I used to watch [and download from] a site [drama crazy] where the uploaders used it. But I really depend on subs. I do know some Japanese, but not enough. so I use torrents a lot. I certainly like them a lot better than using Media Fire and have to download evrything in little bits.

    • Yeah that’s the thing, you can’t really get subtitles with Daily Motion. Maybe one day somebody will write a Chrome Plugin to overlay the subtitles onto the Daily Motion version. Would you be interested in something like that?

    • I know the first site but I haven’t used the second before. They’re definitely great for finding what you want straight away. Sometimes stuff is only on FC2 and not on Daily Motion too, particularly for premium dramas. Thanks for posting!

  3. I used to watch j-dramas on dailymotion too. And I also followed that B-kyuu guy too :p
    But I prefer veoh because it’s faster than dailymotion. One thing I don’t like about veoh is it’s a little tricky to find the drama you want to watch. The uploaders often change the title because they have to play hide and seek with the copyright owner. Fc2 was the second option but now it seems to be banned in my country since I can’t open the page anymore.

    • Oooooo Veoh! Had no idea there were dramas on there. Have you got any channels/accounts you could recommend me? DailyMotion does lag up sometimes but I’m not sure if it’s just my connection that’s the issue. Maybe it IS DailyMotion itself. I really, really despise FC2. I used to bare with it but now if a drama is only uploaded on FC2 I will just pass on it. It lets you watch like 4 videos with the same IP in a day without paying but it freezes up all the time so your 4 attempts can get eaten just refreshing a video multiple times…I always use my mobile connection so the IP isn’t static but still.

      • You can try this one
        Masato is one of my favorite uploaders, but he often changes the title and account when his links got deleted.
        That’s right, sometimes FC2 drives me nuts. I only watch on FC2 if I can’t find the dramas elsewhere.

  4. Me? i prefer download than watching it by streaming . I have little time to just stare at pc or phone to watch it fully, I can download from youtube, dailymotion, tudou. Usually have to make sure to download them the a few hours or day after the broadcast to avoid the video deleted. There a lot of website for downloading but some series takes longer time from available. I dont mind about the subtitle when download coz u can wait for them later. While using broadband, i download using torrent but direct download when using landline. I only used FC2 if it is not available in any other streaming i’ve used. If u’re an addict, u will always find any channel to watch it or download. I’ll burn them on CDs after hard disk full to add up my. Dramania apps also can be used. collection – anime, kdrama, jdrama , english tv series or variety shows.. šŸ˜‰

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