So how did the new GTO fair?

I’m sure almost anyone reading this blog knows that the new season of Great Teacher Onizuka(GTO) aired this week on Tuesday. The first season was a re-make of the drama that was made over a decade ago and the original work for the series is a manga by the same name. The first season(which aired around 2 years ago) was, from what I remember, reasonably popular. The new season wasn’t met with such a great reception though. Ratings came out yesterday and it came in at 9.7% in Kanto, not even surpassing 10%. This is a pretty disappointing result(at least from my perspective) for a second season. If it’s a completely new drama(like Kazoku Kari) there’s no name to stand by and a drama has to prove itself before ratings build usually. But a new season already has a reputation built up, and that is usually reflected in ratings.

I can’t say that I was too impressed with the new season personally either. AKIRA is, in my opinion, a good actor but there was just something weird about this season’s Onizuka. It’s like his personality has changed or something. He seems to be dressing a little bit better and speaks a lot more Keigo than I remember which just doesn’t fit his character well. I’m going to have to go back and watch a couple of episodes from the first season to make sure my memory is correct but something just doesn’t feel right to me.

The story for the first episode also seemed to just be all over the place and extremely difficult to follow. It felt a little too real but unbelievable at the same time. The production also seems somewhat different from the first season, in particular there were weird girly speech bubbles introducing all the students at the school in the first 10 minutes and they just didn’t seem to match GTO. I’m going to give it another chance when Episode 2 airs next week but (again, in my opinion) GTO Season 2 didn’t start off very impressively. Has anyone else watched the new season yet? Tell me what you think below in the comments, maybe it’s just me that was a little disappointed.

3 thoughts on “So how did the new GTO fair?

  1. Did you ever see the first one, with Sorimachi Takashi? That was truly great. I know, it’s an antique by now. Still, it is a standard to go by. This new season doesn’t sound worth bothering with.

    • Still need to get around to watching the original…You always recommend me so many great dramas but I never get the time to watch them all!

  2. I liked the original Gto drama over the new one, the male lead and the female lead were both good, i think the original had few differences from the manga and the new one……. The new one is not bad but i prefer the old one…….

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