New Gyakuten Saiban 5 DLC Released.

From today onwards the final quiz DLC for Gyakuten Saiban 5 can be downloaded, and there’s a  half price sale on until 9/12. So the original price for the DLC is 800 yen and until 9/12 it’s cut down to the very reasonable price of 400 yen. If you clear the whole thing, you can get the costume from there start of Gyakuten Saiban 3 where Naruhodo was a university student.  There’s also another scenario available for download, at the same prices, in which you play as Naruhodo who has just reclaimed his post as a lawyer, and is taking his first case. If I were you I’d get in quick before the price jumps back up to 800 yen! Not so interested in the quiz DLC, but the new scenario DLC sounds pretty  good. Keep reading for some screenshots.

Here some shots from the quiz DLC:
GS5: Quiz 1GS5: Quiz 2And of course the costume that’s up for grabs if you clear the whole damn thing, I love it how the animations still include him coughing and stuff:

LB NaruhodoAnd here’s the two shots for the new scenario “Gyakuten Kikan”:

Gyakuten Kikan 1Gyakuten Kikan 2Gyakuten Kikan 3

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