Gyakuten Saiban 5, Jin Yuugami.

So what’s the date today? 7/25/2013! What does that mean!? Gyakuten Saiban 5 is out! Those of you who aren’t Japanese challenged are probably going to be already well into the game by the end of today but for those who are I thought I’d put up the (last?) character introduction video for Jin Yuugami(夕神迅), the games new prosecutor character. He’s actually in prison for murder WHILE being a prosecutor so he’s a big change from the other prosecutor characters up until now. Apparently they were trying to go for a sort of “dark” prosecutor and he was born from that concept. Apparently he’s quite good knowledge of psychology and uses it for his advantage during court sometimes by psychologically analysing witnesses, the judge or even just people watching in the stands. As you can see there’s actually a falcon resting on his shoulder, that is his partner ‘Gin’.

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