New Gyakuten Saiban 5 Video.

Another Gyakuten Saiban 5 video was uploaded onto YouTube yesterday by Capcom. This one is only 2 minutes long and it showcases an explanation by the game’s Scenario Director, Takeshi Yamazaki, of the new Naruhodou Ryuuichi(Phoenix Wright) character designs. He basically just talks about how Naruhodou’s clothing has been made more adult-like(new vest and chain) and how all the court character motions have been re-created into 3D for the 3DS. From his explanation it would seem that there’s a part of the game where you control Naruhodou and and (afterwards maybe?) where you end up controlling Odoroki(Apollo Justice). He also says something about there being a ‘promise’ Naruhodou made an ‘important person’ and that being the main reason why he has returned to the courts after an 8 year break. I’m really glad that you can still play as Odoroki again, Gyakuten Saiban 4 was actually my favourite game out of the series. I think they only really brought back Naruhodou to shut-up bigger fans of the first three games.

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