Hakuba no Oujisama English Subtitles [Episode 2 of ?]


So the new season for Japanese dramas is coming into full-swing. I liked Hakuba no Oujisama enough to decide to start subbing the series, if you’re not sure whether or not you want to watch it you should read my impressions of the first episode here. I think it’s quite good so yeah, give it a try if you’re curious. It’s your typical love-story drama with a bit of a twist, which makes it stand out. I’ll put all the new subtitles in this post as I do them and up it in the queue like I’m doing with Glass no Ie. I’m up to Episode 2 so far.

So yeah, the usual disclaimer: do not upload these subtitles somewhere else unless you’ve been given permission from me. You’re welcome to post links on your website/blogs/forums to my site itself or to the D-Addicts thread that I’ll be making for the subtitles. Anyway, I usually give permission as long as it’s asked for properly. I hope you enjoy this series. If you have any comments to make about it feel free to post them below and we can get some discussion going about this new drama.


You can find the raws that I use to sync these subtitles over at J-Drama City.

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26 thoughts on “Hakuba no Oujisama English Subtitles [Episode 2 of ?]

  1. Thanks for the subs! This was one of the dramas that I was curious about….the other one (Danda Rin) seems to be funny, but nobody is subbing it…have you watched?
    Anyway..Keep up the good work!
    arigatou ^^

    • I’ve been watching Danda Rin but I just found this one more interesting for some reason. Has anyone picked Danda up yet?

      • So far (unfortunately) nobody is subbing “danda rin”….. I like both (even though I can not understand everything without subs…)… but I admitt that “Hakuba no oujisama” has the love/relationship focus that is more popular indeed.
        Anyway, Thank you very much!!!

        • Yeah I didn’t think anybody was. I could sub it but I have a feeling 3 dramas in one season might make me a bit to stressed out. If I had a whole team it’d be no problem but it’s just me on those 2 projects and I’ve got other stuff on too so I’ve gotta be careful with my time. I get the feeling I’m getting faster at translation though, compared to when I started a month or so ago so hopefully I’ll slowly be able to increase my workload each season and give you guys access to more unpopular dramas!

          • I agree, to sub 2 dramas at the same time (alone) can really be tiresome and we also have other things to do in real life. DonΒ΄t worry, I think your job is great and you have picked the better dramas indeed.
            Thanks for the comments/answers.

  2. yaay! thank you very much I’ve been waiting for ep 2. But actually I’m more eager for Ando-Lloyd subs. Have you seen this new drama? I really liked the first ep.

  3. thank you for subbing this… another suggestion…if you could be interested in yorozu-uranaidokoro-onmyoya-e-yokoso, the subs are not available by the subber to the vast majority of people and the community for various reasons, just like Pin to Kona…

  4. today started Tengoku no Koi. can you give it a try? it looks soooo promising. or if you will watch it, can you make synopsis? thank you for your kindness and for all your work.

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