Hakuba no Oujisama, Episode 1.

1So I thought I’d get back on my feet after the trashing Google gave me by talking about a drama from the new season we just entered this week. How exciting, right? I just watched this one this morning, it’s called “Hakuba no Oujisama”. It’s about a High School teacher, Takako Hara who is 32 years old and is still…

Living life single, and is very lonely. She doesn’t seem too happy about this either. The first episode started off with her talking about how she hated weekends because people always could tell she was alone. She’s really actually quite negative, and isn’t very well-liked among her students who have given her the nickname “Takako-sama”(or Queen Takako in English I guess). She spent most of her 20’s not caring too much about love and relationships, and then when she got closer and closer to 30 years old she realised that the men around her were all being taken. She has loved before, but it was a man that already had a wife and was having an affair with her. The two of them stopped seeing each other around 2 years before the drama begins, but the character she had the affair with is actually still in quite a close proximity – he’s a teacher at the same High School as her and is around 10 years older than her. By the way, she graduated from the same High School she teaches at so yes he did used to be her teacher which is kind of weird.


So school goes back after Summer, and it’s a new semester. Takako arrives at school, and is as her negative self as usual. She makes fun of the students at her school, and about how they think that passing through a single Summer will change their lives. She’s convinced that starting a new semester won’t impact her life significantly, until she steps into the staff room and bumps into the new teacher on the block Mr. Ozu who is replacing another teacher for Biology. It’s Mr. Ozu’s first experience as a teacher, and he’s only 25 years old making him 7 years younger than Takako. She tries to convince herself that he’s too young for her but in the first couple of days at school he invites her to lunch, and a couple of the other female teachers tell Takako that it’s a sign he’s interested in her. 



She wakes up an hour earlier than usual the next day to get ready, and do her make up properly to make herself look good and get Mr. Ozu’s attention at school. She gets to school and everything is fine until they have a small party to welcome Mr. Ozu and he confesses to all the other teachers that he actually is engaged and that his girlfriend is on exchange at the moment in England for a year. When Takako finds out she is pretty much crushed, I’m guessing she got her hopes up a bit. They end up alone after school and she cuts herself on a glass, Mr. Ozu then bandages the wound for her and they share a really nice moment together until he gets a call from his girlfriend in England and has to leave the room. This brings her back into reality, and makes her realise that he’s taken like all the other men around her. She gets weak and ends up taking the other teacher she was having the affair with years ago back to her house at the end of the episode(and I’m assuming they have a root together).


I like this drama already. I’m not that big on love stories but there’s so many things about this drama that make it different than a usual love story. For one everyones age is really separated: Mr. Ozu is 25, Takako is 32 and her last lover is around 41. I’m not 100% sure but from looking at the images on the drama’s official website, it seems like another character might be added to this love triangle which would make it a love square. Interested to see what happens there. The settings is also an all girls High School so there’s the taboo theme of Student/Teacher relationships layered onto everything as well. And to add to it, the guy that the girl wants the most is already taken which isn’t really something new when it comes to love stories but I find it kind of realistic(and pretty slutty actually) that she goes back to her ex and has sex with him out of desperation when she realises she can’t have what she really wants. Very representative of true human emotion. Anyone else check this drama out yet? Tell me what you think below.

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10 thoughts on “Hakuba no Oujisama, Episode 1.

  1. I’ve downloaded the 1ep this drama is on my list this season, but I didn’t see it yet cause there’s no sub for it, I hope someone will sub it, Your review sparkled my interesting.

  2. yes, i saw first ep but i don’t speak japanese, but the subject mesmerize me. i enjoy it and make me wonder what will happend next. probably you have many other projects, but can i ask for subs for this drama? or at least synopsis like you did for first ep. whatever you’ll do i already thank you.
    i’m really sorry for my bad english, hope you have patience with me. have a good day.

    • Hey teo, I’ve just uploaded subs for the first episode in a new post. Please, re-watch it with them if you have the time!

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