Hanako to Anne scores a 21.8% in ratings.

Hanako to Anne

Like I said in another post this morning things are pretty quiet for J-Drama this week. That’s not unexpected though because we’re about to jump into a new season in a week or so which means that things will be going crazy again before we know it. There are a couple of morning dramas already airing for Spring though and one is called Hanako to Anne, which started airing on the 31st of last month and stars Yuriko Yoshitaka as the heroine.  There was some news out today over at Oricon that the first episode of the new drama broke 21.8% in ratings for the first episode(in the Kanto area), this is a pretty decent figure for a morning drama considering that wildly popular morning drama Ama-chan only managed to hit 14.6% in the Kanto region with its first episode. If your interested in watching Hanako to Anne it’ll be airing from 8am every weekday on NHK. Hearing about these figures is actually making me want to give this one a chance.

Source: Oricon

Image: CinemaCafe

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