Hanasaki Mai Ga Damatte Inai.

Hanasaki Mai Ga Damatte Inai

As you can tell I’m pretty excited for Spring dramas in 2014. I’ve decided that I’m going to keep posting about them until I run out of upcoming dramas to talk about. Today I thought I’d do a post on Hanasaki Mai Ga Damatte Inai which is a new NTV drama slated for Spring this year based on the novel “Fushoji” by Jun Ikeido who is also the author of Hanzawa Naoki – which was pretty much the most popular drama that aired in Japan last year. Anne Watanabe(better known as just “Anne”) will be playing the lead role of Mai in this drama re-make but details about other cast members are still scarce.

I read some more details about the storyline on the new dramas official website. Hanasaki Mai Ga Damatte Inai isn’t confirmed as the final name for the new drama yet(it has a 仮 symbol next to it). The protagonist Mai is apparently just a normal worker in a bank but she has a very rare personality. She’s the type of person who will openly disagree with her superiors and tell them somethings is wrong when she believes that it is. Her job is to go to bank branches where incidents have occurred and help staff members solve them. The introduction blurb on the official website particularly highlights that she does a lot of standing up for people who are in weak positions and can’t stand up for themselves. I suppose it’s kind of like a Japanese spin on a modern-day hero?


The fact she works in a bank-related job reminds me a lot of Hanzawa Naoki and so does her habit of disagreeing with her superiors. A lot of news articles I’ve read about this drama are claiming that it’ll be like a female-version of Hanzawa Naoki. Also Fushoji is apparently the only novel Jun Ikeido has authored with a female protagonist. I’m a little worried that the story might be too similar to Hanzawa Naoki and it might flop but I’m hoping that I’m wrong and it brings something new to the table and excites people. If only Spring would come quicker…

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