Hanzawa Naoki

For the last few months I’ve been really on the fence with dramas. I watch a lot of them, but until recently there wasn’t anything too interesting or worth introducing. Anyway lastnight before I went to sleep I thought I’d throw on a random drama that I’d downloaded and I was presently surprised. The drama is actually based off a series of novels, and centres around a Mid-Level banker named “Naoki Hanzawa”…

Naoki decides to be a banker because his father, who owned a small business, was refused funding by a bank(the bank Naoki is eventually employed by) and committed suicide. Naoki’s aim is to work his way to top-management, but at the point of the first episode he still doesn’t mention exactly what he plans to do once he reaches it. Anyway, to reach a sales target the Manager of his branch pressures him into approving a loan of 500 million yen saying that he as branch manager will take “ALL RESPONSIBILITY”.

Naoki sends the particulars to a branch in Tokyo to be investigated, personally believing that the decision is too rash and more time needs to be put into the investigation. The loan gets approved, his branch reaches its target and receives massive praise. But 3 months later it turns out that the Steel company that took out the loan lied about its profit-prospects and that its owner took the loan out without any intention to pay it back. Typical of Japanese society, Naoki is solely blamed for the massive financial loss by his superiors and the drama so far follows his journey of recovering the 500 million yen to avoid being transfered and demoted.

Anyway if you have free time definitely give it a watch. Watching it has actually made me really want to read the novels. Too bad you can’t buy any Japanese books in Australia…


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