Hatsune Miku and Domino’s re-visited.

So the other day I posted about the Hatsune Miku collaboration application that Domino’s Japan has seen relative sales success with and I thought today there was an article on Amaebi with some vague figures about sales and number of downloads so I’d write a little more about it. On the 25th there was an event held in Tokyo called “MOBILE & SOCIAL WEEK 2013” and one of Domino’s Japan’s marketing managers – Kenji Ikeda – made an appearance. He remarked on how almost 50% of all orders for Domino’s pizza are now made from cellphones or computers and how this number had made a huge increase in the space of just 2 years. Back in 2011, only about 7% of orders were made from smart phones and in 2012 this climbed up to 17.6%. Right now smart phone orders comprise of about 20% of total orders and…

In the future Mr. Ikeda predicted that online orders would climbed to around 70 to 80% of total orders. It seems like Japan is going in the exact same direction as Australia. I don’t eat pizza alot but I can’t actually remember the last time I ordered a pizza over the phone, I always order on the internet and so do my friends. Anyway what about the company’s success in their Hatsune Miku collaboration project?

To re-explain, the application released by Domino’s is essentially used for two purposes: taking photos where you can add in 3D Hastune Miku and to order pizzas. If you order a pizza using the application it’ll come in a Hatsune Miku-design pizza box. You can also receive coupons by ordering through the application. Apparently the application has topped 530 000 downloads since its release which is pretty good for an application only released in one language(Japanese). He summed up saying that “an application spent some hundreds of thousands of yen making lead to hundreds of millions of yen in sales”. I kind of fail to understand why it cost so much for them to develop the application, but hey it obviously had good results sales-wise. I hope they try this kind of thing out in other countries.


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