Heartbroken Chocolatier (Shitsuren Chocolatier) Impressions.

Shitsuren Chocolatier

Shitsuren Chocolatier finally aired two nights ago! I’ll start off by saying that it’s pretty much everything that I wanted it to be. The acting in it was great and the cast lived up to the hype that was building before the first broadcast. I read in article on Goo NET that it’s actually the second most anticipated drama for this season(and I’m not surprised about this at all). I probably should warn you before making the jump that this post will probably turn into a huge rant about how great I think Satomi Ishihara is so if you aren’t a fan of her you might want to skip this one.

I did a pretty good job of doing a synopsis for this drama in my first post about it. The main character of this story is a guy named Sota(played by Jun Matsumoto) who is the son of a pâtissier(took me four attempts to spell that correctly). He’s always had a crush on a girl that’s one year older than him that he went to high school with named Saeko(Satomi Ishihara). The problem is that she’s always been out of reach from Sota for one reason or another, but mostly because she is a huge slut and always has a different boyfriend. He even joined the knitting club in high school just so he could hang out with her(never do this kind of shit if you ever want to be considered a man in your crush’s eyes). One Christmas Saeko is having issues with her boyfriend and she’s hanging out with Sota and they end up kissing – once. Sota asks her out and she responds somewhat affirmatively so for the next 3 months or so he assumes that they’re actually dating.

Valentine’s Day comes around and he asks her if she’s free. She’s not free(because she’s hanging out with her actual boyfriend, slut) so they agree to meet the day before. Sota spends the night in his Dad’s kitchen furiously making a box of chocolates to give to Saeko when he meets her on the day before Valentine’s Day. At this stage he’s already really good at tempering and making chocolate. He meets her and when he tries to give her the chocolates she says she can’t take them. This is when she finally tells him that she’s still with her boyfriend that she was having a fight with on Christmas because they made up months ago. Sota is shocked and says something like “does that mean you’re cheating on me?” to which she responds “but we’re not even dating?” – by the way her reasoning for them not dating is because they haven’t had any sexual intercourse yet(sluttttttt). Sota thinks things over for a moment and decides that he’s okay with just being Saeko’s friend until she starts liking him one day. She rejects this offer and goes to give the chocolates back to him but he tells her his last wish is for her to take them and says she can throw them away on the way home if she wants to, he just doesn’t want her to not accept them.


This leads Sota into a spiral of depression, he ends up just kind of lying around in his room all day. Eventually he decides that he wants to become a Chocolatier because Saeko loves chocolate and he figures that if he can learn to make it really, really well that one day maybe he’ll be able to steal her heart(this logic is sooooo flawed). He gets up puts on some clothes and walks out of the house telling his Dad he’s going to Paris. So he basically just goes to Paris with the clothes that he’s wearing, tracks down a famous chocolate store and begs the staff to let him work there in broken French. Luckily for him, there’s a half-Japanese person working there who puts in a good word for him in exchange for some manga he’s carrying. He ends up getting an apprenticeship at the store.

Shitsuren Chocolatier

jun Matsumoto

Fast forward six years and Sota has made it in life. He returns to Japan to open his own chocolate store, Choco La Vie. The half-Japanese(his name is like Olivier or something) guy from France comes with him too and they also get some help from one of the workers at his Dad’s pastry shop called Kaoruko(played by Asami Mizukawa). Saeko comes to meet him again before he opens his store and asks him if he wants to go get coffee one day because she wants to talk with him about something. He gets his hopes up really high but it just turns out that she is getting married and wants him to make the cake for her. He’s really, really busy with the opening of his new store but he tells her he can do it. He finishes the cake for the wedding but passes out after making it from working so hard. Kaoruko and Olivier go to deliver the cake and Kaoruko gets pretty mad at Saeko for not thinking more about how hard Sota was actually working. During the wedding she ends up calling Sota to thank him for the cake and they have kind of a special moment together before she gets called back to the reception.

Heartbroken Chocolatier

I really liked Satomi Ishihara in Rich Man so when I saw her in this role I was kind of surprised at first. In Rich Man she plays a character who is a typical book worm, enough so that you wouldn’t be surprised if you were told that the character was a virgin. In this role she’s playing a character that is on the total opposite side of the spectrum: who is seductive and extremely selfish – a character with huge sex appeal. If you watch the drama you’ll know what I’m talking about, there are some scenes where she’s wearing really suggestive clothing and others where Sota is imagining her naked but she has a bed sheet on and stuff. From my perspective as a male it’s great. I’d never want to date someone like the character in real life but it all just reminds me of how beautiful Satomi Ishihara actually is and that she can do sexy roles.

Satomi Ishihara

Another thing, when I was watching the previews for this drama there were a lot of scenes where Jun Matsumoto’s character Sota was saying or doing very controversial stuff – there was one where he was actually about to borderline rape Saeko. When you watch the drama properly almost all of these scenes are just Sota fantasising about things that he wants to do but doesn’t actually have the balls to pull off. That was really my one small disappointment with this one, they were a bit too crafty with the way they edited the trailers. Hopefully there’s room for Sota to grow during the next few episodes and become a more confident and pro-active person(I’m not holding my breath though).

Ishihara's butt

Jun and Satomi

Oh and in other news I’ve been slowly and steadily working through the 7th Episode of Glass no Ie(I’ve been slack, I know) so I should be able to put it up on the site during this or next week probably. Not too sure if anyone still wants to watch Glass no Ie but I intend to finish it all off and then hopefully start translating something from this season that people want to watch and that nobody else is translating. I’d actually like to translate this drama but I have a feeling there might already be a team on it because it looks like it’s going to be extremely popular(ratings for the first episode broke 14%). Anyway if you have any thoughts about Shitsuren Chocolatier please feel free to write them down below in the comments section.

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3 thoughts on “Heartbroken Chocolatier (Shitsuren Chocolatier) Impressions.

  1. I thought they both did a great acting job. Of course they are favorites of mine. Matsujun with his lopsided smile and Satomi is lovely and a good actress.

    There are subs out for this drama already. Where Glass no Ie is concerned, I would be ever so grateful if you finished it. Of course I watched the whole thing,I know how it ends, but I missed a lot of the dialogue.

    Would you be interested in subbing Hamu, a SP with Takizawa Hideaki? Don’t know if it’s good. There is Dr DMAT, not the most original story.

    • Yeah they’re both really good actors. I’m pretty much done with Episode 7 I just need to download the video file and make sure the timings right and fix up a couple of lines I actually need to see the video for to deduce what they mean. I’m going to find it and download it this morning so hopefully I’ll have it up this week. I watched Dr DMAT the other day and fell asleep during it so either it wasn’t great or I was really tired. Have you watched SHARK yet? That’s something I would probably enjoy subbing.

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