Highschool DxD Game for 3DS

Release of 3DS-only software for popular love/comedy/fantasy anime High School DxD(ハイスクールD×D) was announced by Kadokawa Games earlier today. The slightly erotic anime’s first season was broadcasted between January and March of 2012 and the second season is scheduled to start broadcasting this month. Some of the games main features are: character undressing, a special system which regulates female characters’ chest movements, the original anime’s “Dress Break” aswell as a new special move “Dress Change” and scenes from the anime during battles and in-game events. The game is scheduled to be released on 11/28/2013, the regular version will set you back around 6300yen(incl. tax) and the special gentei-version will be selling for 9240yen(incl. tax).

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