Homeless man appears on Yahoo Auction.

Homeless Auction

Yesterday on Japan’s Yahoo Auction(ヤフオク) a homeless man appeared in listings. The listing was almost instantly deleted, but he had himself up for 65 000 yen and it was a returnable listing! In exchange for the money, he would live at your house and I’m assuming he would essentially be like your personal slave or something. He was looking for people who “wanted friends, wanted to open their homes or want a boyfriend who can do chores”. Before the listing was erased there had been over 600 bids the listing stated that he is 25 year old, 173cm tall and weighs 57kg. Oh yeah, and his blood type is A(Japanese people care so much about blood type for some reason). Anyway, he still has a twitter and a homepage so if you wanna get in contact with him it’s possible! I think homelessness is a pretty seriously problem in Japan, at least compared to here in Australia. I remember walking through some areas of Osaka and seeing a lot of people just living on the streets, which I don’t see very often at all here and I live in a pretty highly-populated city. Not really sure how it would compare to America or England though.

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