Hono Akazawa Graduates from NMB48.

This week Hono Akazawa announced her graduation from popular Japanese idol group NMB48, but this wasn’t a usual graduation. Akazawa cited her reasons for graduating being her “health” and confessed that she had been having issues for a while now but had continued performing despite them. She also said that she had received a few recommendations from other group members and her manager to push through and keep performing but in the end decided that it would be best taht she quit, saying that she is still unsure when she would be able to fully recover from her current situation. She also made an apology to fans and thanked them for supporting her over the last 2 years during her time in NMB48. Akazawa had been a part of NMB48 since 2012 and she gained a spot in the B-II team in October of the same year. It was also announced in February of this year that she would be moving from there to Team M but her last performance was on the 15th of this month in B-II.

Source: Natalie

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