Hottest Japanese girl ever.

I think I’ve found the hands down hottest Japanese girl ever. In history. Where did I find her you ask? On YouTube, where else. There is one thing that puts this one girl head and shoulders over many other Japanese girls I’ve seen before – her body. I don’t know if it’s plastic surgery or what the deal is(maybe she just gyms a lot) but its pretty much perfect. Look, don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against Japanese girls – I like them. A lot just don’t really have smashing bodies. I’d probably go as far to say this girl’s face isn’t all that great – her body is definitely her stand-out point – but then again I’m just doing Japanese girl make-up math – i.e. they use a fuckload of make up so meeting a girl somewhere in town and seeing her right in the morning are two completely different things. So a Japanese girl with make-up on is pretty much 4 points above what she’d be without it on. Anyway this girl(or maybe I should say woman I doubt she’s younger than me) sells Bikinis and advertises them on YouTube. They’re probably some of the most erotic Bikinis ever too – and yes she wears them in most of the clips so you can get an idea of what your buying(because um yeah, I totally don’t watch these videos to look at her body I’m all about the bikini guys). Maybe I can hunt her down when I go back – which unfortunately won’t be for at least another year. Oh by the way here’s a direct link to her YouTube channel.

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