Hottest Manga Guys.

On a Japanese website somewhere on the internet 441 Japanese woman were surveyed about who they thought the best looking/ hottest male manga characters of all time were and today I’ll be presenting the ranking in this post. I’ve only gone through the top 5 but it should be pretty interesting to see if Western female manga-fans disagree with the Japanese ones. If you have any issues with this ranking, or any of the reasons given by the Japanese girls for picking the character go ahead and comment below and maybe we can get our own ranking going or at the very least some kind of messy, heated debate.

Number 5: Kaede Rukawa from Slam Dunk.


“He’s so cool” “He’s cool and good at basketball” “He’s the hottest guy from Slam Dunk, hands down” “He’s my favourite character in Slam Dunk”

Number 4: Roronoa Zoro from One Piece.


“He’s so cool with his sword” “Everything about him screams manly” “He’s a man among men” “I love his face when he’s fighting”

Number 3: Shota Kazehaya from Kimi ni Todoke. 


“He’s so refreshing” “He’s so chilled out even though he’s so young” “He doesn’t get caught up in what everyone else thinks or says” “Even though he’s the most popular guy in his class he’s so nice” “He treats everyone equally”

Number 2: Gintoki Sakata from Gintama.


“He’s a bit of an idiot but he’s a real people-person” “He fools around lot but he’s always so cool at the RIGHT times when he’s fighting or in his lines” “He’s personality makes him handsome, not just his looks” “He’d do anything for his friends and he had such a hard past which makes him even hotter”

Number 1: Sebastian Michaelis from Kuroshituji.


Why’d they pick him? “He’s a butler that can do almost anything!” “He’s stylish and very good looking” “Everything he does is cool” “He’ll do any job without complaints, he’s also kind of got a humorous side too”

So girls…Are these comments and placings accurate? I can’t really judge because…Well…I don’t like guys? In that way anyway. So yeah if you have any good arguments for why any of these guys shouldn’t be on here or just have any comments to make supporting your favourite characters please feel free to take some time to write them out below in the comments.

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