Ikimonogakari’s ‘Namida ga Kieru Nara’ as theme for NEWS23.

There isn’t a lot of drama news coming out this week so I thought I’d write a little more about J-POP/Television news. This week it was confirmed that Japanese band Ikimonogakari’s new song “Namida ga Kieru Nara” will be adopted as the new ending theme for TBS news programme NEWS23. Apparently this is the first song that the group has made together, with Kiyoe Yoshioka(Vocalist) and Hotaka Yamashita(Guitar, back-up) writing the lyrics and Yoshiki Mizuno(Guitar, main) in-charge of the music. NEWS23 will start airing with the new ending theme from today(3/31) onwards and the song itself will be available from various sites from April 4 onwards.

Source: Natalie.

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