Inpei Sousa Impressions(Episode 1 & 2).

Inpei Sousa

I haven’t posted about this drama yet but I watched Episode 1 of it last week and I watched most of Episode 2 as well last night. I’ve gotta be honest, I don’t really like it very much. It’s not really that the plots bad or that the cast or the acting are awful – there are a lot of dramas that fall into that category though. My main issue with Inpei Sousa is actually that it’s trying very hard to be like Hanzawa Naoki. I suppose you can’t blame the writers and staff for wanting to re-create something like Hanzawa Naoki, after all it was ridiculously popular and achieved ratings over 40% for the last few episodes. But the reality is that there are good copies and there are bad copies, and this drama falls into the second category. If you want to watch it for yourself it’s airing at 8pm on Monday nights on TBS. If you wanna know more about it hit the jump and keep reading.

I’m going to try and explain this plot as simply as I possibly can because the hierarchy of police in any country is confusing and Japan is no exception. The main character of the drama is a police bureaucrat called Ryuzaki(Tetta Sugimoto), he’s really straight-laced and has a strong sense of justice. His role in the police is mostly handling the media and maintaining relationships with politicians. His childhood friend, Itami(Arata Furuta), is the head of Investigations at the Metropolitan Police department. There’s another character called Kamijo(played by Katsuhisa Namase) who joined the police at the same time as Ryuzaki and Itami but he got promoted faster and is in a higher position than both of them.


There’s a string of incidents where the members of a gang that committed a crime a decade ago are suddenly murdered. To make things worse, during investigation Itami’s department finds out that the culprit is actually a member of the police. Like I said Ryuzaki mostly handles contact with the media so when he doesn’t get information from the department giving orders to Itami’s department he bypasses the other department and starts getting information directly from Itami(I guess this is forgiven by Itami because they are childhood friends). Amongst all of this Ryuzaki catches his own son smoking tobacco laced with Heroin in his house when he comes home late one night.


Ryuzaki confides in Itami about what he caught his son doing and Itami suggests that he just turns a blind eye to it and that he forgets about it. Basically he tells Ryuzaki he should cover it up because no one saw it but him. Around this time Kamijo releases orders to the department above Itami’s to cover up the string of murders as well. So Itami gets told by his superior to hide evidence that the police member committed the crimes(they have a confession from him and some other incriminating evidence). Itami finds out about this and tries to convince Itami not to go through with the cover up and instead tell the mass media the truth. Ryuzaki also decides himself to make his son go to the police and confess that he was using Heroin.

inpei Sousa

That’s a very simple explanation of what has happened up until this point. There’s a lot of talk from Ryuzaki for taking responsibility for things. This reminded me a lot of Hanzawa Naoki, coupled with the fact that Ryuzaki has a very strong sense of justice – strong enough to go against what his superiors order him to do. Apparently in the next episode he is going to get transferred to a worse position than what he holds at the moment, which is pretty much exactly what’s waiting for Hanzawa in Season 2 of Hanzawa Naoki. Both this drama and Hanzawa Naoki are based off a series of novels so it would be hard for me to say that one is purposely copying the other but I can at least say that both dramas have strong similarities to each other.


The unfortunate thing is that this drama is nowhere near as action-packed or interesting as Hanzawa Naoki, I didn’t actually watch all of Episode 2 because I started to fall asleep in the last 10 minutes or so. I think that if I was watching Hanzawa Naoki I probably wouldn’t have been able to sleep after it finished because I’d be so wired from what I just watched. In closing this drama isn’t bad, it just lacks punch and feels a bit too much like a Hanzawa Naoki copy.

2 thoughts on “Inpei Sousa Impressions(Episode 1 & 2).

  1. The problem with a successful drama or movie, is that there are always copies, or, later, remakes. Not that those are necessarily bad, but the chances of the copies in particular being interesting are poor.

    Sometimes remakes are good, I have even seen a very few that were better than the original. But it’s rare.

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