Japanese 7/11 Employees are Insane for Oden.

7/11 Oden 1

Check out photos of this 7/11 I found in Japan. It has the character ”お”(O) plastered all over it and riiiighttt at the end of this huge line of them is a “でん”(den). I don’t really like Oden myself, but apparently there’s some kind of 70yen Oden sale going down at 7/11s across Japan. I think it could possibly be a regular, recurring sale. Do you know what Oden is?

For those who don’t know Oden is a like a Japanese soup or kind of like a broth that you put in all sorts of ingredients in and eat. Like I said I don’t really like it. I’ve had it on a few separate occasions and it was hard to stop myself from gagging while eating it but I soldiered on for the sake of politeness. I just find it slimey to be honest. But I wouldn’t want my host family to think I was rude, you know? I should have just thrown it in their faces instead and told them it wasn’t up to my standards. Rookie mistake.

7/11 Oden Sale 2

7/11 Oden Sale 3

I guess the Manager of this store thinks he’s going to boost sales this way or something? The unfortunate thing is that the huge line of O’s doesn’t even lead you to the Oden section at the end of it so you’re left to do all the detective work yourself. What fantastic marketing. Let’s hope he kicks his addiction to crack by next week, before the Oden returns to its normal price and Tokyo University asks him for his degree in Marketing Sciences back.

7/11 Oden Sale 4

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