New Japanese Drama, 49.


Yeah that’s right, I’m gunna talk a little bit more about another drama from this season. This one is broadcasting every Saturday night and is called 49(Days?). It’s only on Episode 2 so far – with Episode 3 coming out this week – and it’s quite good. The story is pretty simple, it’s about a normal High School kid named Dan Kagami(played by Sato Shori) who is in what seems like a pretty dysfunctional family. The first episode starts off with Dan going to deliver divorce papers to his Dad given to him by his mother. It doesn’t seem like Dan has a very good relationship with his father and I can only assume that this is due to the fact that…

His father is a working man and  doesn’t live with the family. In Japan this is called ‘Tanshinfunin'(単身赴任) which is essentially a situation where the bread-winner of a family(usually the male) works in a place pretty far away from his family’s house and instead of travelling hours to work everyday moves in somewhere close to his work post. As is the case in real life, and this drama, Tanshinfunin sometimes leads to fathers neglecting their family. Anyway, Dan hands over the papers to his Dad at his office and leaves almost straight after. When his Dad realises they are actually divorce papers with his wife’s part already filled in he rushes to try and catch Dan before he goes home. Once he catches up to Dan he tries to talk to him but Dan gives him the cold shoulder and says some pretty mean things to him like “you’re not even my family!” and he steps onto the road. As he’s in the middle of talking a car suddenly appears out of nowhere speeding along really fast towards him and his Dad quickly jumps in front and protects him from getting hit, dying as a result.

What’s the hook of this drama?

So Dan wakes up in the hospital alive and his Dad’s spirit is waiting for him. They’re operating on his Dad at the time but apparently it doesn’t look like he’s going to make it. Dan’s father then asks Dan to let him borrow his body saying that he has “something important to take care of”, and pretty much jumps in and hijacks it before Dan really has a chance to say no to him. This is the point where the drama really starts to shine. Dan’s father is in control of Dan’s body and I’m assuming that it’s on some sort of 49 day time limit because after all the drama is called “49”. So Dan’s father(as Dan) wakes up the next day in bed and gets up to get ready for school.


What makes the hook interesting?

Anyone who watched Nana-nin no Majo would have seen quite a lot of body-switching during its run. That was interesting in itself and that was only switching between people around the same age-bracket. This is a case of body-switching(or maybe stealing?) between two people in completely different age brackets, and family at that. Unsurprisingly, Dan’s father has a completely different personality from him. His sister and mother are shocked at how pleasant he is acting the next morning during breakfast. When he goes to school people even more surprised about the way that he’s acting. From what I can gather from the dialogue, it seems that Dan was a very quiet/introverted kind of kid – to the point where he actually wasn’t going to school all that much. His Dad however was a very out-going, popular kid during high school who I guess must have been pretty good at sports – because he pulls off an amazing slam dunk during Episode 1.

So should you watch it?

Yeah, you should. There are some dramas that I kind of have to force myself to watch. Watching drama sometimes feels like homework to me and I guess it’s a natural part of having a blog that heavily-relates to dramas. That being said, watching this drama doesn’t feel like a chore at all to me. I was actually kind of excited to see what would happen in the new episode this week, so it can’t be too bad right? It seems like Dan’s father is slowly rebuilding Dan’s life for the better as well – getting him involved in sporting clubs and hitting on girls and stuff. Pretty much all things that a normal High School kid should be doing. Of course, these are just my opinions I’m sure there are people that wouldn’t like it as well. Anyway, if you’re curious about this one try watching the first episode – it goes for less than 30 minutes so it’s a pretty small price to pay. If anyone has any questions or comments about this drama go ahead and write them down below.

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5 thoughts on “New Japanese Drama, 49.

  1. I wish you may consider doing the English sub for this drama. I’d rather ask you than waste my time with the bitches currently ruining the fun of Jdrama viewers @livejournal. May they remain single and never allow to propagate…

  2. Oh, the korean drama 49 days is also about someone that has an accident (I think she is in coma) and has to borrow another girl body for care about something important in her life. Ok that’s the only thing that the 2 dramas has is common, because 49 days is more a melodrama. Just it was interesting that both have a similar name.
    Anyway, I’m deciding what dorama watch this season and of course I will take your suggestions. Thanks!

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  4. So what exactly happens to Dan in the end. Honestly, I don’t watch these kind of things because the person seems to be fake. Like in the anime ‘Hikaru no go’ (If you watched it) When Sai had been giving nothing but instructions to hikaru, making him seem like the genius.

    • Ahhh man I watched it so long ago I can’t actually properly remember now. I’m pretty sure his father leaves his body and he just ends up going on with his life, I can’t remember 100% though. The subs got dropped for this series right?

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