Japanese Drama Smoking Gun.

MONSTERSWow there are a lot of detective dramas coming out lately. Maybe this one wouldn’t specifically fall into that category but it would come pretty close. Smoking Gun is a new drama coming out in Spring of this year on Fuji TV. It’s based off a manga called Smoking Gun – Minkan Kasōken Chōsa’in Nagareda Midori which roughly translates to “Smoking Gun – Civilian Forensic Research Investigator Midori Nagareda”. The manga has been around for about 2 years now and has had a permanent space in Japan’s Grand Jump magazine. There aren’t any firm details about casting or time-slots yet but rumours spun from some pretty reliable sources say that Shingo Katori and Mariya Nishiuchi are going to be pairing up to play lead roles in the drama.

Smoking Gun is a mystery work about a forensic investigator called Midori Nagareda who handles cases that police sometimes don’t even handle and solves them using top-class forensic techniques. Some examples are cheating investigations or investigations for train groping(more popularly known as ‘chikan’ in Japan), but I’m sure that tougher criminal cases are also part of his investigations. His company’s main goals are to reveal the true culprits of crimes and clear the names of people who are wrongly accused.


A lot of people are already saying that this drama is going to be a flop. Most of this conjecture is based on the fact that the main role of Midori Nagareda is going to be played by Shingo Katori who hasn’t been able to capture viewers in some of his more recent dramas like MONSTERS or Kochira Katsushikaku Kameari Kouenmae Hashutsujo. I haven’t actually seen the latter but I’ve seen all of MONSTERS and I thought it was a great drama. I can remember impatiently waiting every week for the next episode to come out and the Katori/Yamashita(Yamapi) combination worked pretty well too in my opinion. I hope Katori can turn his viewer rating problem around with this one because I think he is a good actor and deserves praise. I’m also happy to see Mariya Nishiuchi again because she did well in Nananin no Majo and that was a huge hit. Anyway, more details on this new drama as they come.

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  1. Yay! Out of the SMAP singers, I particularly enjoy watching Katori & Kimura. The other 3…I’m interested, but not AS interested. I just finished Ando Lloyd the other day, & I thought it was good (despite a lot of negative criticism on various websites–while I agree there were inconsistencies in the show, there’s not much that can be done to thoroughly explain sci-fi…that’s what makes it sci-fi, after all)…I certainly looked forward to the next episode, & the end result was that I pretty much marathoned it until the last episode. As for MONSTERS, I really liked that one too. I am curious to know more when more info comes out. I guess I’ll have to wait & see.

    • Yeah I really like Kimura too. Ando Lloyd had some rough edges but I think overall it was a good drama and the CGI was amazing. It kept me watching which is good enough in my books. I also really liked MONSTERS too, Katori has a kind of creepy side to him but I actually like it. Yeah I hope more details about this drama come out soon I want to know more about Nishiuchi’s character.

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