Japanese girls and make-up.

Crazy Japanese girl and her makeup

Anyone read my post about the Hottest Japanese girl ever? No? Well check it out! Anyway I talked about Japanese girls and their make-up habits. And also what I call Japanese girl make-up math – i.e. that a Japanese girl looks totally different with and without make-up on. Like completely different. So take at least 4 points off what she looks like when you meet her and she has make-up on. There’s a single cause this extreme gap in appearence: they use too much make-up and for lack of a less offensive word it is deceptive or what you would all in Japanese 詐欺ってる. The same goes for プリクラ(Purikura) but I’ll leave that for another post. So let me tell you, when I found the above image I was completely horrified. Huh? Why was I horrified? Because all of these girls are the exact same person. This photo showcases the wonders of make-up. You can use it to look like a completely different person. I’m not sure about the time-frames on the images but yes, this is definitely the same person. It’d be great if there were actually a photo of here without make-up on, which would illustrate my point even further – but we can’t have everything we want in the world, right?

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