Japanese NEET.

NEET Company 1

In Japan over 300 NEETs from across the country have gathered to start a business together and apparently all members are going to be directors for the company but planning for the actual purpose of the business is not going so great. Last month on the 30th, 100 of the 300 members(employees? directors?) of the company in Tokyo. Oh yeah and the company name has been temporarily decided as “NEET 株式会社”(ie. NEET Pty. Ltd). I mean, only Japan right? A country where NEETs are actually productive.

NEET Company 2

Among these members was a 26-year-old male participant(future CEO?) who has never worked a single job in his life – not even part-time or casual. He said he always fell back on the excuse “if there’ something I want to actually do I’ll look for work”. When he found out about the plan in its early stages he jumped straight on.

NEET Company 3

I think I’ll keep updated on this one, I mean it sounds like some kind of scam but we’ve all gotta have hope right? Maybe this company will actually achieve something really great and all of these NEETs are better of doing something rather than nothing at all. Let’s wish them good luck in their planning! If you can speak Japanese and feel like joining check out their official site.

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