Japanese Office Worker likes Solitaire.

This week a  59-year-old Japanese Office Worker was caught out in Osaka for playing too much solitaire at work. This office worker was actually a Japanese government worker. After doing calculations on his (well I guess it’s not his anymore) computer the council found that he had spent almost 281 hours playing the game on the country’s wallet. Usually government computers in Japan are set so games can’t be played on them but there was an issue with his older computer and that computer was replaced with the offending computer, the person who changed the computers over merely forgot to re-set the security measures on the new computer. Who would have known it’d be that boring to be a Japanese office worker? As a result of this incident he’ll be receiving a significant pay cut for two months, but it doesn’t look like he’ll be going to jail. The prefectural government is also looking into recovering the money that they paid him which was wasted on playing solitaire, which is in the vicinity of $7600. Who even still play solitaire? I don’t understand why’d he wouldn’t get into some browser games instead, that’s where the real fun is.

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