Japanese people love iPhones.

iOS and Android Marketshare

A study taken in Japan between January and March of this year showed that out of all the upgrades and new cellphone contracts made in the 2 month period iPhones took up 49.2%. That’s pretty massive considering how popular clamshell handsets till are in Japan. The chart above shows the respective market shares of Android and iOS in each country and you’ll find that Japan is the highest, tailing close behind are America, England and Australia. But why do Japanese people like iPhones so much? I personally found…

that there were alot of people using iPhones in Japan. If you step on the train or a bus almost everyone has their cellphone out and is lost in their own little world but I am almost definite I saw more iPhone users than Android users. During my 8 month stay in Japan I personally was using an iPhone 4S. Would I go back? No. Will I ever develop applications for iPhone? Probably – the market share is just too huge to overlook. I did find that iPhones are easier to use and I did find that the whole user experience in general was more fluid but it just wasn’t enough to make up for the almost complete lack of customisability and just basically the fact you look like a huge lemming.

But I think Japanese people, in a way, enjoy some aspects of being lemmings. I’m not saying there aren’t people like that here too but I’d definitely say Japanese people are far more conscious than Western people about the community itself being a unit – and you being one part of that uniform. So maybe that’s why iPhones are so popular in Japan – it could also be due to well-targeted advertising. I’m not a doctor, I don’t know.

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