Are Japanese people racist?

No, of course not all of them are racist. I wouldn’t even say most of them are racist, I’d say only a really small percent are but while browsing Amaebi last night I came across a post that jokingly asserted all Korean men look the same. The image(or should I say “proof”?) included in the post is available if you read on, it was too long to put above. I will admit that I first laughed at when I saw it, it is pretty amusing but the thing I kind of find startling is that the magazine is not a Korean one, but a Japanese one. I’m not sure what the aim of the section was but beneath each photos is that person’s supportive comments to Japan, things like “I love Japan” and “I’m gunna go to Japan next year! Really excited!” or “Any Japanese people are welcome to Korea!”. Looking at the photos I feel as though the editor of the magazine or one of the people managing the section was racist and purposely rounded up a set of Korean people who looked similar and interviewed them to prove the point of them “all looking the same”. While it is amusing they all look the same it kind of makes me a bit sad at the same time, while I wonder about wether there were any hidden motives behind the article. Anyway read on for the actual image.
Korean Men

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