Japanese teenager brags about stealing bike on Twitter.

Supposed Bike Thief

A Japanese teenager’s twitter is gaining a lot of attention since yesterday after he made a tweet, accompanied by photo evidence saying something along the lines of “Just stole a bike from the base of mount Fuji and went to the convenience store after”. There is of course the possibility that he is lying but if you check his account there are other tweets before the one in question like “on the Shinkansen now” and “Just arrived at Mount Fuji.” The one other issue is that he is clearly riding a bike that’s made for a child and it just seems somehow unnatural, so it almost cancels out the possibility completely that he bought the bike AT Mount Fuji. I wonder were this kid gets off bragging about stealing a bike…

This article caught my attention because I had my bicycle stolen twice while I was in Japan on exchange. Yes, the same bicycle, TWICE. It was recovered after the first person stole it and taken back to my school and then when I went to go pick it up from school grounds it had been stolen AGAIN by a completely different person. Dirty thieves. Anyway if the content of the tweet is true, hopefully it leads to the kid getting fined and the bike being returned to its actual owner.

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