Job hunting with the PS Vita.

Naitei! Shuukatsu Kanzen Taisaku

So Japanese people are pretty serious about finding jobs. If you don’t find a job almost straight out of university you’re considered by most people as a “loser”, some Japanese people actually end up needing psychiatric help following massive jot hunting failures. So if you want to prepare for job hunting and you have a PS Vita what can you do? You can spend 3800 yen(3300 yen for the digital version) on a game to help you do it(in secrecy!). The game, titled “Naitei! Shuukatsu Kanzen Taisaku” is going to be released this year on 10/31 and you can pre-order it already on Amazon. The game also apparently contains the information from three of the best Japanese job hunting books.

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