JUJU to release new album(and single).


Has anybody else watched Kinkyu Torishirabe Shitsu yet? I can’t say that I’m completely in love with the drama itself but the theme song for the it is actually one of JUJU’s new singles called Door. It’s rock tune with a middle-level tempo which isn’t really typical of JUJU but it’s still great, and original. If you’re living in Japan you can listen to some of her new songs on her official website. If you don’t live in Japan you’ll just have to watch the drama to listen because all the YouTube videos are region locked(c’mon Sony).

Door is going to be released as a single on the 19th of next month and JUJU will also be releasing her fifth studio album on the 5th of March, but it’s still untitled. There will be four new songs in it and it will also feature some of JUJU’s previously released songs including “Dreamer”, “Arigato”, “Distance” and “Mamotte agetai” to name a few. It’s actually been over 2 years since JUJU released her last studio album so I think there must be a lot of people waiting on this one.

I hadn’t listened to JUJU’s music before I went on exchange to Japan and a Japanese friend introduced it to me. Ever since then whenever I listen to JUJU’s songs it reminds me of being in Japan and the (short) time that I spent there. Listening to one song in particular actually makes me feel pretty emotional, and I think I could count the amount of songs that make me emotional on one hand so that should really say something about how talented I think JUJU is. Any other JUJU fans out there?

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