Kagi no Nai Yume wo Miru 1.

Yep that’s right, Episode 1 of Kagi no Nai Yume is out. I just watched this one today, I think it may have just come out on the weekend or something. How screwed up are the timelines with these dramas? The other ones for this season are only just halfway through their runs and then other new ones are starting. Not too sure what’s up with that. Anyway this drama seems to be a little bit dark because most of the first episode was just fights between a couple that had serious mental issues coupled with a really strong, sick addiction to each other. It was kind of symbolic in a way but at the same time kind of scary. Keep reading for a summary and information about where you can get it.

The girl in the first episode wanted to be a picture book writer and the guy wanted to be a Doctor and then a world famous soccer player. They have a class together at university and that’s how they meet. They get close pretty fast, I think because they are both kind of outcasts. The rest of their classmates are looking for jobs while they’re both kind of just trying to follow their dreams desperately and failing(or at least the girl is, the guy is just an A-grade loser). The guy wants to quit studying engineering and jump into medicine but his parents are opposed and they’re paying his fees so they tell him to graduate from engineering first. But he can’t. He keeps getting bad grades and the professor won’t let him graduate. So what does he do? He murders the professor. As a couple they’re kind of on an off and the girl ends up abandoning her dream to be realistic and gets a job as a teacher. They get in a heated argument after the murder about going to the police and then the guy tries to choke the girl. He stops before he kills her but she then decides to jump off the staircase of the hotel they were at right in front of him. Not sure if she dies or not, that’s for the next episode I guess. You can grab Kagi no Nai Yume wo Miru Episode 1 here.

3 thoughts on “Kagi no Nai Yume wo Miru 1.

  1. I’m gonna check this out for sure, love crazy dramas. And about the timeline I think that’s because this is more like a special drama not a drama like Pin to Kona or Hanzawa Naoki, sp dramas are shorter , check this asianwiki.com/Kagi_no_nai_Yume_wo_Miru

    • Yeah I was getting the feeling it might be kind of a special drama, I was half-watching it half-doing something else so it appeared really all over the place to me. You should check it out though, it was interesting in it’s own way.

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