Kimura feels “relaxed” about the new HERO.

You can tell HERO is getting very close to airing, especially considering that there was a press conference held for the drama last night. At the conference Takuya Kimura was quoted saying “it felt really relaxing to go back to the old (drama) set again” and also that “it felt like I was finally home again”. Norito Yashima and Fumiyo Kohinata were present at the conference too beside him. A few of the new staff members, including Keiko Kitagawa, were trying pretty hard to show that the new HERO is going to be great as well. HERO will be kicking off on Fuji TV from next Tuesday night at 9pm. The first episode is going to run for an extra 30 minutes as a special. Probably won’t be the easiest project that I’ve ever done, but I’ll give it my best!

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