Koi Suru Eve, another Christmas Special.

Koi Suru Eve

Christmas has ended here in Australia but I’m pretty sure it’s not over worldwide yet so I thought I’d use this last opportunity to talk about another Christmas Special Drama. Plus, there’s not really any other drama available to watch at the moment so there’s really not much else for me to write about. Today I’m going to talk about a drama that broadcasted yesterday called Koi Suru Eve/恋するイヴ/”An eve for love”. It’s a one-off special about 4 separateChristmas love stories that all kind of end up tying together. 

This drama strongly re-enforced what I wrote the other day about Christmas predominantly being a couple’s holiday in Japan. It had the all the present giving, the illumination and the fantastic atmosphere I talked about too. It actually kind of also reminded me of the Christmas movies I’ve watched before during my childhood in English. While the drama was pretty far from perfect it did kind of end in a “feel good” way and I don’t regret taking the time out to watch it. The casting was also actually very good, featuring Junpei Mizobata, Nozomi Sasaki, Asami Usuda, Yudai Chiba and even male model Rui Kuihara.

There is one thing that kind of annoyed me though. The whole drama was really just a shameless attempt at advertising by Disney. It didn’t completely ruin watching it but I caught onto what they were trying to do almost right from when I started watching. The only sponsor was Disney and that’s pretty rare for any TV show in Japan. There were also around 2 or 3 breaks during the drama where you’d be taken by the camera to Disney Land in Maihama and actors from the drama would talk about the theme park or the Duffy bear that appears way too frequently in the drama. I also don’t think that this is a common thing for Christmas Specials because the special I talked about yesterday(Tenshi to Jump) didn’t have any advertising at all(or at the very least it wasn’t obvious enough for me to notice it).

I’ve been to Disney Land in Japan before and while it was nice I don’t think that it’d really be the perfect place to have a Christmas date – or any date really. It’s really, really crowded and it’s expensive. It’s ironic because Disney Land is actually a notorious date spot in Japan and there’s a kind of legend that couples go on a date to Disney Land and break up. I’ve heard various explanations for why this happens but the one I hear most frequently is “because you end up waiting together in line and have nothing to talk about”, which I’m guessing makes you realise how bad of a match you are for each other.

Disney Crowded

Anyway this special isn’t too bad. If you’ve got some free time on your hands over the holidays you should give it a chance. If you have a lot of other stuff that you’ve been wanting to watch, then I don’t think this drama is really worth giving priority to. Especially if you hate hopelessly forceful attempts at marketing. Well, that’s my two cents. Happy Holidays to anybody who is still celebrating.

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