Konya wa Kokoro Dake Daite.

Konya wa Kokoro Daite Daite

Here’s another new drama, but this one is going to start broadcasting a little earlier than the other ones that I’ve been writing about lately. “Konya wa Kokoro Dake Daite” or “Please, only take my heart tonight” is going to be airing on BS Premium from the 4th of March – which means it’s only a couple of weeks away. It’ll be getting a Tuesday night 11:15pm time-slot. This drama is based off a novel of the same name written by Kei Yuikawa and will feature Misako Tanaka, Tao Tsuchiya, Taishi Nakagawa and Maki Tamaru among others. Keep reading on if you want to know a few more details about the story.

The blurb I read about this drama on it’s official website reminded me a lot of Otto no Kanojo from last season. Konya wa Kokoro Dake Daite is a story about a mother(Shuko, played by Tanaka) and her estranged daughter(Miwa, played by Tsuchiya) who haven’t spoken to each other for 12 years. They haven’t spoken because Shuko got divorced from Miwa’s father when she was 5 and pretty much just cut all contact with him. Suddenly Miwa’s father, who has been taking care of the Miwa all this time on his own, is told that he has to transfer to England for work. Because of this he asks Shuko if she will let Miwa live with her for her last 6 months of high school before she graduates. Shuko seems okay with this after first until she actually meets Miwa again face to face. Miwa suggests that they just pretend they are living together and they end up arguing instead.

Afterwards they get into an elevator together and there’s an accident which causes them to hit into each other. They both lose consciousness and when they get it back at the hospital they realise that they have switched bodies with each other. Now that they have switched bodies Miwa’s plan B of going to England with her father isn’t an option anymore so she begrudgingly accepts the offer of living with Shuko. From there on Shuko, now in Miwa’s body, is able to live the romance and school-life she failed to 30 years ago. Miwa, in Shuko’s body, is freed from constant study and responsibility and starts working part-time at a cafe she used to go to in her own body.

Really the only big difference between this drama and Otto no Kanojo is the fact that they’re related and that there’s some semblance of a mother/daughter relationship. Almost everything else is the same. I didn’t hate Otto no Kanojo at all, I actually quite liked it and watched it through to the end but it flopped hard. I could also completely understand why it was so unpopular. The one ray of hope for this drama is that it sounds like, from what I’ve read on the official site so far, that both of them are going to fall in love in the opposite body. That should make things pretty interesting.

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    • Yeah you’re right it’s like it’s become a typical theme now like Keiji Drama or Gakuen Drama. The unfortunate thing is it’s nowhere near as interesting as the other usual themes.

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