Korean Theme Park in Osaka

Maruhan, Japan’s biggest Pachinko giant, announced on the 9th of this month that they will be opening a Korean-chic Theme-park in Osaka’s Naniwa area. The Theme park will be opened in next year’s Autumn and will be four-floors high, construction is rumoured to cost around ten billion yen. Maruhan aims to improve the relationship  between Korea and Japan through this venture, and hope to cater for over 3 million visitors during the first year. The theme-park will feature various attractions relating to Korean popstars, will have various Korean restaurants and will handle goods imported from Korea. Alot of Japanese people I’ve talk to tell me most Pachinko centres in Japan are controlled by Koreans, I thought they were just being slightly racist before I saw this news. Read on for a artist-rendering of the theme park.


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