Kuu Neru Futari Sumu Futari Drama-ized.


Wow drama after drama keeps being announced for the new season that’s coming up. The one that I found out about this morning and am writing about now is called Kuu Neru Futari Sumu Futari(“The couple that eats, sleeps and lives together”) and it’s based off a manga authored by Kinoko Higurashi. The original manga is fairly new and only 3 volumes have been released of it up until now with more volumes planned for release in the near future. The drama will be featuring Manami Konishi and Nobuaki Kaneko and will be broadcasting on NHK BS Premium from the 6th of May this year, which means it’ll be getting a Tuesday 11:15pm time-slot. Read on for a few more details about the storyline.

Kuu Neru Futari Sumu Futari is a story about the everyday interactions between men and women in couples. It’s going to feature a lot of situations that couples that live together can relate to and laugh about. I think the drama will mainly focus on the life that the couple, Ritsuko(Konishi) and Non(Kaneko), live at home but I’m not completely sure because I haven’t read the original work. Apparently it won’t be all about rainbows and sunshine either, the drama will also focus on negative things that couples typically go through as well. The central theme does sound pretty close to a “happy go lucky” comedy though.

I’m not really sure how far they will be able to push this theme. They probably were able to save a lot of money on cast with it though because the two articles I read made it clear that the drama would mainly be about Ritsuko and Non, I’m sure other people will appear in it too but maybe not as much as other dramas. I’m also a little concerned that single people like me won’t be able to relate to all of the couple-targeted satire that will go on in it but I guess I can’t really make a proper decision about that until I actually see the first episode. 

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