Kyou no Hi wa Sayonara 1.

Another new drama has come out recently called Kyou no Hi wa Sayonara, and it’s about a young man named Kouta who up until recently had lived a boring but pretty normal life – until he got cancer. He starts to lose his will to live but progresses through various treatment at the hospital and things are slowly looking better. That is, until the cancer really takes a turn for a worse. He is then told that he has only three months left to live. So this drama is essentially tells Kouta’s story and follows the preparations he makes before his death. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a drama about such a heavy topic, I’m not even sure if I’d be capable of watching this but I’ll give it justice and atleast watch the first episode. If you wanna watch it too you can grab episode 1 from here. Oh yeah, forgot to mention Satoshi Ono stars as Kouta.

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