Learn Kanji like an Elementary Schooler.

So a lot of people seem to have trouble learning Kanji for some reason. I was one of them, only a year ago. I couldn’t even read the Kanji for ‘fish’ and trust me it’s an easy one. Anyway Kanji are not hard, but yes it does take time to learn them I remember spending three months straight studying them for around 2 hours or so a day(probably at a rate of 20 or 30 per day plus reviews of old ones). I actually learnt Kanji using Remembering the Kanji, but I’m not going to go into that because some people like it and some people hate it – whatever, it worked for me. I can read novels now. Anyway, if you want a full proof method why not learn Kanji like an elementary schooler?

So a few months ago I was on Skype and talking to a Japanese person about how “hard” Kanji are to learn and we go onto the topic of elementary schoolers and how they learn Kanji. Then I was like “hey…I wonder if there’s anywhere you can download those kind of resources, for free?” so we did a google search and yes there is. The site is called Jakka, and it provides resource for learning all the elementary school Kanji drilled into children across all of Japan. If you go to the sites home page you’ll be greeted with a screen like this:


I’ve put a red-rectangle around where you’ll want to go to get the resources. It basically includes print-out exercise for reading and writing Kanji drills. They’re very simple and easy to use and they look like this:




Anyway, happy studying!



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