Legal High Season 2 Impressions(Episode 2).


I haven’t really talked much this month about the new season of Legal High. Episode 2 aired a couple of days ago, and I watched it pretty much immediately the next day but I didn’t really get around to writing anything until today. If you didn’t watch the first episode, it ended with Komikado-Sensei tasting his first defeat in court ever. This was a result of the new attorney on the scene, Hanyu-Sensei, getting his hands on some juicy information about Komikado’s client(I don’t think it was really explained yet how he pulled this off). Komikado was depressed about this for all of around 10 minutes and then bounced back, swearing to get the verdict reversed. In Episode 2 he was still trying to convince Kiwa Ando to initiate an appeal for her death sentence but the main focus of the episode was another, new case.

This time around Komikado-Sensei’s enemy was a slick businessman who was recently released from prison named Hikaru Ayukawa. Ayukawa built his own company years ago, and he ended up buying out a lot of other top class firms in various industries. He was then arrested and jailed for ‘abusing inside information’. I’m not entirely sure what this involves but I think that it’s a situation where you use information you shouldn’t have to make big wins in the share market, in Japanese it’s called either インサイダー取引 or 背任行為. But anyway, he’s a white-collar criminal and during his time in prison he was given a huge bashing by the media but was also praised as some kind of “twisted prodigy”. A manga artist even wrote a manga using Ayukawa as a model for the main character, and by the time he makes it out of prison the manga is already extremely popular.


After going to see Ando, Komikado and Mayazumi-Sensei come home and Hattori shows them a video of a press release that Ayukawa has almost just after he is let out of prison. Ayukawa announces during it that he will be suing everyone that slandered him during his time behind bars. Komikado sees this as an opportunity and goes to meet Ayukawa, offering to be his lawyer. Ayukawa rejects this offer and says that he will be representing himself, that any idiot could be a lawyer and that he hopes he’ll be able to face Komikado in court and wipe the floor with him. Komikado is not happy about this at all.

Shortly after this, we find out that Hanyu-Sensei’s new law firm will be representing the manga artist who modelled Ayukawa in her work. Hanyu and Honda have their first court battle with Ayukawa and realise that he’s not to be taken lightly. When they start doubting that they’ll be able to beat him themselves they go and ask Komikado for his help. He is very reluctant at first but finally gives in and takes on the case. They split up into teams of two, with Mayazumi and Honda-Sensei representing an unemployed, middle-aged blogger who trashed Ayukawa on his website and Komikado and Hanyu representing the manga artist…


So that’s where I’m going to leave things at story-wise. I really want people to actually watch the drama, because it’s really good and if you haven’t seen the first season from last year you should watch that too. I was kind of surprised that they started off the series with Komikado losing in Episode 1, it was a twist that I definitely did not see coming. I was thinking that maybe they’d save that for the last episode but who knows, maybe they have something in store for that too. I also really like Hanyu-Sensei’s character, and the fact that he’s secretly conspiring against Komikado. It’s like Komikado is the extreme end of a greedy lawyer, Hanyu is the other extreme of a really kind lawyer who only cares about his clients welfare and Mayazumi is stuck in the middle-ground between the both of them. It’s also funny how Mayazumi and Komikado do not get along at all but in spite of that she has so far flat-out rejected Hanyu’s offer to join his office twice. Anyone else been following this series?

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