LiLiCo confirmed to do narration for drama First Class.

Today it was confirmed that Japanese TV talent LiLiCo will be doing the narration for new Fuji TV drama First Class, featuring Erika Sawajiri in the main role. First Class is going to be airing every Saturday night from 11:10pm and will be starting its run this week. It’s a story about women working(and battling) in the fashion world. You can read more about the storyline here. If you haven’t noticed by now most dramas have narration at the start and the end of the episode, if you listen really closely sometimes you even notice that one narrator for a drama is the same as another drama that airs the next season. When asked for a comment about the narration gig LiLiCo had nothing but praise for Sawajiri saying that she was an “acting prodigy” and had “absolutely no trouble switching to totally different roles”, she also talked about how the inner-minds of women can be even more scary than horror movies sometimes. LiLiCo does narrations in English and Japanese because she is bilingual so it’ll be interesting to see what sort of touch she can give to the opening of this new drama.

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