Lost Days(ロストデイズ), Episode 1.

Lost Days

Lost Days(ロストデイズ) started its run a couple of days ago on the 11th on Fuji TV. It’s got a 11:10pm time-slot on Saturday nights and it features Reina Trindle, Koji Seto and Anna Ishibashi as well as a few other well-known Japanese actors. I think Fuji has gone for a kind of Horror/リア充 hybrid with this drama because at the start of the episode it just seemed like any other typical University student drama. As the story progressed it started getting more and more spooky though so I definitely couldn’t say that I was disappointed by it. Then again, none of that really should have come as a surprise considering the title of the drama is Lost Days. If you wanna know more about this one please keep reading on.

Like I said this drama starts off seeming like just a typical university-student drama. Yuta(played by Koji Seto) is driving to pick up his friends from the Tennis circle that he’s captain of at his university. They’re all going on a trip to celebrate their graduations, even though the other guy Natsu and one of the girls still haven’t graduated yet. There’s 6 of them in total, 4 girls and 2 guys. They take off for their trip and they start off by doing some snowboarding, everything seems pretty normal so far. After the snowboarding is done with they head over to a large house owned by one of the girls, Miki(Anna Ishibashi), who also happens to be the vice-captain of the Tennis circle.

Reina Trindle snowboarding

When they arrive at the house all the lights are out. Miki says that she’s going to have to go turn the electricity and water on but they test out the taps and flick some light-switches and realise that everything is already on. Miki says that can’t be possible because everything should be off and that’s when the 6 of them start suspecting someone else might be around. They also just saw a report on TV about a murderer being around the area they’re in before when they were at the snowboarding place. They hear the front door open and freak out a little but it just turns out to just be Miki’s older brother, Wataru. He seems really nice but Miki seems pretty annoyed about him being there. She also doesn’t seem to think very much of her brother, saying that all he does is draw paintings and that he should look for a job instead.

Lost Days Drama

At some point during the night the electricity in the house dies. Miki thinks that it’s probably just a breaker issue at first but when she actually checks the breaker it’s fine. They all start to get kind of spooked out again. Yuta says that he’ll go look for some flashlights for them. When he’s walking around the house he almost goes into Wataru’s painting studio. Just as he’s about to open it Wataru appears out of nowhere and shouts “don’t open that!”. He has a really twisted look on his face for a minute but everyone else ends up coming over to where the two of them are and he goes back to normal and Wataru starts giving out flashlights to everyone(what a great guy, huh?).


When Yuta goes to check the electricity box on the outside of the house he finds that the cables for the electricity have been cut by somebody. He goes back into the house and reports this and Wataru then starts cooking dinner for everybody(so nice!). After dinner Wataru disappears and the lights suddenly start working again, he comes back in saying that he fixed the electricity box. Yuta starts getting suspicious about this, considering the state the wires were in when he saw them earlier in the night. He doesn’t say anything though.


There’s kind of a side-issue during all of this. Yuta actually likes Miki, and almost everyone can tell he does. That’s great and all, but it turns out that she’s actually been dating Natsu for around 3 months or so and things are starting to get pretty serious between them. Yuta doesn’t actually find out about this until the day they go to Miki’s house in the woods. Needless to say, he’s not very thrilled about it. Wataru also seems to have some strange kind of thing for Miki, even though she’s his sister. When he sees her and Natsu talking that night and finds out that the two of them are dating off another one of the girls he looks really pissed off about it and gets a sort of twisted look on his face again. To add to this, Rika(Reina Trindle’s character) is pretty jealous of Miki and when she finds out that Miki and Natsu are dating her jealousy only gets more fierce. The first episode actually ends with Rika kissing Natsu suddenly.

Reina Trindle Lost Days Kiss

The acting and cast in this drama is pretty good. I like Reina Trindle in pretty much everything that I’ve seen her in before, and she was especially good last season in Dandarin. The american horror-story vibe this drama throws off is also pretty interesting. At the start I thought it might have just been another typical school-kid drama but it started to get pretty interesting once the other theme came into play. I think this kind of story is very typical for a teenage american horror movie but not very typical for Japanese entertainment. I haven’t actually seen many Japanese horrors so I’m not too sure. Anyway, I’ll be following this one for sure. Stay tuned to my blog for more impressions.

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One thought on “Lost Days(ロストデイズ), Episode 1.

  1. Thanks so much for the synopsis! I watched the first episode also and really enjoyed it despite my limited Japanese. The acting seems very natural, and the story pacing was great.

    I guess there is a kind of American horror story vibe to the drama, what with it having college-age kids alone in the woods. But I hope it isn’t going to start having chainsaws and flying body parts!

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